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Semi-daily update with your host M batA [Jan. 17th, 2005|10:00 pm]
Gates of Light


Okay, not so daily. However:

- Finished Gikatilla's Malkuth chapter Saturday. Much more productive discussion this time; I believe that 2d session's lack of insight needs to have responsibility located solely in my 6 hours of sleep and not the text.

- Sunday mostly made obscure qabalistic notes in my Witchcamp planning meeting, but that's par for the course. I did have a coven sister wholly inadvertently illumunate a word (yad) which I'd written without realising it.

- (This also reminds me that I had a dream a few night back about HaYad v' HaLev (the hand and the heart) - something about humanity being Ha Yad v' Ha Lev of G-d - the latter of which of course is not new but relates explicitly to the Levites.)

- Tonight have started reading the introduction of the Big Blue Brick, Liber ABA, or Book Four in the slightly insane impulse I get now and again to try to read the entire damn thing. Whether this yetzer is in fact ra or tov is an exercize left to the reader's imagination . . . however I have learnt a bit more of my thelemic history perusing the introduction, which is not by far a bad thing.

From: frmantis
2005-01-18 05:29 am (UTC)
I ran into the chapter on the Cloak in a restroom in South Philadelphia last week, and was struck by the particular receptive mode of consciousness that you have to be in to read ABA. Beta is working on an updated version of Magick Without Tears, with letters that Regardie left out and with extensive notations. I have seen some of the letters in Agape--good stuff.
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